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At Michael Culshaw & Co Solicitors, our specialist team offers advice and representation regarding criminal law matters. Read on to discover examples of areas we attend to.

Section 47 Assault – Actual Bodily Harm (ABH)

This offence is committed when one person assaults another, thereby causing actual bodily harm. Bodily harm has its ordinary meaning, and is generally consistent with injuries considered “serious”.

Section 20 Assault – Unlawful Wounding / Grievous Bodily Harm (GBH)

Section 20 Assault involves seriously bodily harm, or a wound.

Section 18 Assault – Wounding / Grievous Bodily Harm with Intent

The most serious offence of violence is Section 18, grievous bodily harm, and is also known as wounding with intent.

Drug Offences

Drug offences are primarily prosecuted under the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971. Offences range from simple possession of lower-level drugs through to possession with intent to supply, importation, and cultivation offences.

Possession with Intent to Supply

Possession of drugs with intent to supply ranges from small-scale street dealing to large-scale supply of Class A drugs.

Production of Cannabis

An offence of production is committed when a suspect has some identifiable participation in the process of producing a controlled drug by manufacture, cultivation, or any other method. An offence of being concerned in the production of a controlled drug requires:

  • Evidence That a Controlled Drug Was Produced; and
  • Evidence of Some Link Between the Suspect and the Production Process (for Example, Providing Suitable Premises or Equipment); and
  • Evidence That the Suspect Knew That a Controlled Drug Was Being Produced

Confiscation Proceedings

Most of the offences under the Misuse of Drugs Acts are considered “Lifestyle Offences” and consequently, in the event of conviction, confiscation proceedings under the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 are almost inevitable.


Murder is an offence under the common law of England and Wales. It is committed when a person:

  • Of Sound Mind and Discretion (i.e Sane);
  • Unlawfully Kills (i.e Not Self-Defence);
  • Any Reasonable Creature (Human Being);
  • In Being (Born Alive and Breathing Through its Own Lungs);
  • Under the Queen’s Peace (i.e Not In War);
  • With Intent to Kill or Cause Grievous Bodily Harm (GBH)

Joint Enterprise

Joint enterprise allows individuals to be charged and convicted of criminal offences when they are not the primary offender, but a secondary offender acting together with the primary.

Robbery and Theft

Offences of robbery and theft and other associated offences are all defined within the Theft Act 1968.

Sexual Offence Allegations

Individuals facing allegations of sexual offences are often people of impeccable character, with no previous experience of the Criminal Justice System. Being arrested for the first time is a harrowing experience, made worse when the allegation is of a sexual nature. Reputations, relationships, and careers are on the line. It is essential to seek expert advice immediately, because much may be done pre-charge.

False Accusations

While reports of sexual crime are increasing, there is concern about growth in the number of false allegations. Some accusers have a troubled history, or may be persuaded to make complaints as the result of counselling or therapy but then find themselves carried along on the tide, unable to withdraw the complaint.

Sexual Offences

Rape – Sexual Assault – Historic Sexual Offences and Abuse – Allegations Involving Professionals (Falsely Accused Teachers, Care Workers, etc.) – Grooming – People Trafficking – Internet Pornography and Possession of Indecent Images – Brothel Keeping

Specialist Representation – Motor Law

Motor law is an extremely niche and specialised area. It is essential that you receive accurate advice before making any decisions, as this could make a real difference to you and the end result. When you have been caught or charged with drink-driving, speeding, careless driving, or any other allegation, be sure to contact us straight away. This allows us to quickly and thoroughly assess the options that are available for your defence.

Education Act

Recent changes in legislation mean that a school’s discretion to allow absences during term-time has been dramatically reduced, resulting in an increased number of parents facing fixed penalties and ultimately – when such penalties are disputed – complex court proceedings.

Trading Standards

Trading standards legislation can be complex, and those facing investigation in relation to a trading standards matter are unlikely to have previous experience of criminal procedures. When you or your company is facing a trading standards investigation, contact us for specialist advice. The term “trading standards prosecution” covers a wide range of cases, including:

Trade Descriptions – Fair Trade – Mis-Selling – Consumer Rights – Food Labelling – Weights and Measures – Product Safety and Recall – Distance Selling via Websites – Telephone Sales – Mail Orders

Specialist Internet and Cyber Crime Offences

We have substantial experience of defending Internet and cyber crime offences. “Cyber crime” refers to any type of crime that may be committed online. Such crimes may include:

Internet Fraud – Identity Theft – Cyberstalking – Cyber Terrorism – Phishing Scams – Hacking – Credit Card Fraud

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